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We are continuing our consistent, reliable and successful business life which we have maintained from the 1990’s until today as Cavusoglu Yemenler Group, with new projects we are carrying through. Our company which have constructed thousands of square meters of business center and housing during this time, adopt producing living spaces providing comfort and safety based on quality in its entirety, as a principle. 

We are resuming this mission with projects such as Cavusoglu Rahmi Ozcan Business Center, Gozdagi Butterfly Residences, Serenity Blocks, Aydınlı Residences, Yurtoglu Housing Estate, Alican Housing Estate, Rose Housing Estate, Rosebud Housing Estate which are already constructed and put into service and Tekyap Serenity Blocks which is being constructed at the time.

Being aware of the fact that we conduct an activity in a field that concerns human life directly, we are creating buildings resistant to the earthquake and improving life quality by not comprimising from material and workmanship quality in the buildings we are constructing.  We are producing quality life spaces by presenting solutions complying to living conditions of today, which have modern and aesthetic qualities, which implement new technologies and for various budgets and needs. 

Our company, earning the trust that is placed on us once again with each project we are realizing,  transform the experience we possess to your deserved happiness and peace since the day we started our activity in the construction sector. 

Cavusoglu Yemenler Group;

» Commit to work on the basis of high quality and efficiency, together with their sub-contractors and resource suppliers. Our corporation is the guarantee that project partners also have the same principal.
» Our corporation provide the committed features in full.
» Our corporation absolutely keep to the deadline.
» The management system is based on effective and efficient working principle. The board and its departments work in maximum harmony. An uncomprimising and strict supervision is implemented on this subject.
» Our corporation have ISO En- 9000 quality certification.

In all the services we offer and in all the projects we create.
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